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    The Big Differences in Street vs. Dirt Bike Riding

    By dirt bike mike | June 1, 2009

    So which is harder, riding a street bike or a dirt bike? Is it that much different riding one or the other? Well the short answer is not too much just more idiots to look out for . . . but there are those who would question whether I was talking about the idiots on the dirt bikes or the idiots on the street.

    The long answer is the difference in traction and power. Basically it’s the weight and power of the street bikes vs. a dirt bike's light weight and maneuverability - it can go anywhere. Street bikes are powerful and harder to control. If you're use to one or the other you'll notice it mostly as you lean.

    Just remember, every type of bike has it’s own ‘uniqueness’ but they’re all basically the same. There will be a learning curve. Flatter tires on pavement grip a LOT better then dirt tires do off-road. On a dirt bike, you almost have to learn to kick your tail end out and ‘drift’ a bit, but with a road bike this is the very last thing you want to do - it would almost certainly spell disaster for both your body and your bike.

    Every motorcycle and type of riding has it's quirks. The big differences on the road are your lean angles and judging braking distances and corner speeds. Take it slow in the beginning when you are changing from street to dirt bike or vice versa. After that, everything else is elementary.

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